"This innovative mobile football table convinces not only with its eco-friendly design but also with its easy assembly and disassembly."
- Red Dot Design Award, 2014

In November 2011, a German mechanical engineer and a German industrial designer met by chance. And since they got on well, they started to think about developing a product together. The product would have to be something that appealed to both young and old, and be as affordable as possible for the average person, thus allowing it to become a product for everyone.

Having traded experiences in the course of some spirited discussions, they came up with the idea of building a full-sized foosball table out of cardboard. The first question that had to be answered was whether such a product was even feasible. After all, the demands in terms of stability and functionality would be high!

Without further ado, the pair began designing. From that moment on, the game developed rapidly. Through weekly meetings and numerous conversations, ideas were exchanged and implemented.

In March 2012, the very first prototype was set up in a German living room for the first kick-off. All doubts evaporated. The game worked! Once a few minor issues had been ironed out, the decision was made to have the game produced entirely in Germany. This way, further development and production could be quickly, precisely and directly arranged.

This table soccer game met with enthusiastic responses everywhere it went. And soon, new features were added. A loudspeaker for fan chants, which can be played by the Kickpack app, was integrated into the game. The players can also be individually designed through the app. Who would pass up the chance of playing with Messi in their team?

Test players queued up and provided the proof that functionality, stability and fun are guaranteed. In 2012, Kickpack was established and Kartoni, the world's very first cardboard foosball table, was born! Its unique construction is now patent protected worldwide. And in 2014, Kartoni received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award!

Environmentally friendly, versatile and inexpensive, cardboard is also extremely durable, free of toxins, and can be produced under strict quality control in Germany. And under Kickpack, cardboard has evolved into innovative and sustainable products for leisure, sports and entertainment!

Kickpack works closely with leading universities in Germany in its research for ever more innovative products. These include the Institute for Materials Science in Christian-Albrechts-University, and the Institute for Movement Research and Education in University of Würzburg.

Today, Kickpack is sold in many countries worldwide, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland and United Arab Emirates.

From flat-packed cardboard to jam-packed fun? Say hi to revolutionary cardboard innovation. Get set for So viel Spaß steckt im Karton! (so much fun in a carton!)