Cardboard foosball. Really?

Welcome to German innovation and precision! Fully designed and made in Germany, our Kartoni foosball table features an ingenious origami construction that's patented worldwide. It's the proud winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award too!

Kartoni is made from a new type of double corrugated recycled cardboard developed precisely for this purpose, while the ball and playing rods are made from sustainably harvested wood. The cardboard cleverly combines with a special folding technique to make this foosball table extremely sturdy. The sides have additional reinforcement that allows the wooden playing rods to pass through neatly and also withstand vigorous playing styles.

Check out more kickass features in the graphic below!

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April 28, 2017

Cardboard foosball. This is very creative! I wonder what the actual experience is like though. Playing a game like this on cardboard.

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